Ethiopia Tega & Tula - Organic


Ethiopia Tega & Tula - Organic

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Tega & Tula is a specialty coffee farm located in the Limu growing region of Ethiopia.  The farm’s main focus is growing specialty grade coffee comprised of mostly Ethiopian heirloom varietals with some wild grown Keffa plants from the Keffa bio-reserve area they are a part of.

This naturally processed and organic coffee is carefully produced by picking only ripe coffee cherries and drying them on raised beds for about a month.  Letting the skin and pulp dry with the bean first tends to impart more fruit forward flavors and more body.

We think they did a pretty amazing job with this coffee.  It has a butter body that’s a bit caramelly with notes of cocoa nibs, raisin, cherry, orange blossom and grape.

ROAST: Light
REGION: Ethiopia heirlooms and wild Keffa forest coffee
ALTITUDE:  1800 meters
VARIETAL:  Heirloom Ethiopia and wild Keffa forest coffee      
Organic: Yes



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