PB&J Blend

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PB&J Blend

from 11.75

Yes, you read that correctly, The Peanut Butter and Jelly Blend - it's back!

At some point it dawned on us, why don't we have a coffee that has the same tasting notes as a classic american sandwich?  We know what you're thinking, we sold out and are now carrying flavored coffees, but nothing could be further than the truth.  

We drink a lot of coffee around here, so sometimes we have moments of intense clarity.  One day we realized that we have a coffee with fruity notes, a coffee that is nutty and one with baked bread aromas!  We tested, adjusted, focused grouped and finally settled on what may be the greatest achievement of the 21st century: The Bent Tree PB&J Blend.

But don't just take our word for it, stop in for a pour-over or order a pound. This blend is seasonal based on the availability of the components, seize the day, try some!

No chemicals or flavorings are used to make this coffee!

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