Peru Norte - Fair Trade Organic

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Peru Norte - Fair Trade Organic

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Peru is one of the largest producers of organic coffee in the world. There are over 110,000 small landholding coffee farmers in the country, and most of the farms are only a couple of hectares. Because equipment to process coffee is so expensive, many farmers are banding together to form cooperatives to share equipment costs, knowledge and to improve the quality of their coffee.

This coffee is grown by the CONFROCAFE Coffee Cooperative, which is located in the provinces of Jaen and San Ignacio in northern Peru. CENFROCAFE is comprised of about 2,000 small farmers which produce Fair Trade and Organically grown coffee. The CO-OP works to support farms commercially and also in the development of their communities. They provide loans to the farms to cover the costs of harvesting, production and sending their children to school. Mainly, CENFROCAFE is know for growing great coffee.

This is a rich coffee with an aroma of baked bread. It has a medium to heavy body that is bright and crisp with a sweet and subtle lemony finish.

ROAST: Medium (City)
ALTITUDE: 1400 m
VARIETAL: Typica, Caturra and Bourbon
PROCESSING METHOD: Fully washed. Pulped on farm, sun dried.

Roast Level:
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