Congo Lake Kivu - Fair Trade & Organically Grown


Congo Lake Kivu - Fair Trade & Organically Grown


Congo has long been exploited for its vast wealth of mineral resources. This exploitation has created an almost lawless environment that has kept small farmers down and made it almost impossible to sell their goods in a global economy. It’s unfortunate because Congo has fantastic conditions to grow coffee and the coffees they grow are very similar to the amazing coffees that come from their neighbors in Rwanda and Burundi.

Over 5600 farmers in the region were able to band together to form the Fair Trade and organically certified Sopacdi Cooperative. By banding together, these farmers are able to share resources and overcome the economic and political hardships of the area. It’s hoped that the success of this co-op can be a model to be replicated throughout the country, and better the course of Congo’s economic development.

The dedication to quality these farmers have shown can be tasted in the cup. This coffee has the aroma of concord grapes. It’s sweet to start with notes of green apple and grapefruit. It has a lot of body with a long
finish (like a cabernet sauvignon).

Roast: Medium (city)
Region: Lake Kivu
Altitide: 1500-2000 meters
Varietal: Bourbon

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