Ethiopia Konga


Ethiopia Konga


Konga is considered to be a micro region that’s only a few miles south of Yirgacheffe. Within the Ethiopian highlands alone there are said to be upwards of 10,000 varieties of coffee that exist naturally. So a few miles can make a huge difference when it comes to coffee in this region.

This coffee is naturally processed, which means the coffee cherries are dried with the bean. This process enhances body and amplifies the already fruity undertones that exist in a Yirgacheffe.

This is a brighter, juicy coffee with fruity aromas and notes of blackberry, huckleberry, melon and tropical fruit flavors.

Roast: Medium (city)
Region: Konga (Yirgacheffe)
Altitude: 2300 meters
Varietal: Heirloom Ethiopia
Processing Method: Natural process dried on raised beds

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