Brazil Santa Ines | Pulped Natural Process

Brazil Santa Ines | Pulped Natural Process


TASTING NOTES: Nutty, silky light roast offering notes of cedar and tobacco, balanced by a stone fruit sweetness

ROAST: Light-Medium
ALTITUDE: 900-1050 masl
VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon

This farm in Santa Ines won an award for the Brazil Cup of Excellence in 2005 and has since continued to produce amazing coffee. Originally this farm did not belong to the current family but was still producing coffee beans. When it changed into the Pereira family’s hands in 1979, they completely revamped the technology on the farm, switched up many of the crops to different varietals, hired experts to come train them, and improved the coffee quality tremendously. Luckily we got our hands on a few of the 4,000 bags this farm produces annually.

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