Costa Rica Aguilera Brothers | Natural Process | Microlot

Costa Rica Aguilera Brothers | Natural Process | Microlot


TASTING NOTES: We found this coffee to be sweet with notes of clementine and grapefruit. It has a heavy body and chocolate finish.

Roast: Light
Origin: Costa Rica - Aguilera Brothers, Microlot
Elevation: 1500m
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Processing method: Natural

This was the first coffee farm we visited on an origin trip to Costa Rica last Spring. The Aguilera Brothers were very welcoming and showed us how they grow and process all their coffee. It was an incredible learning experience to see how much work goes into the coffee before it ever leaves the farm. What we like best about this farm is how good the coffee is. The Bros. won fourth place at the Cup of Excellence 2007. This lot is a varietal of Villa Sarchi, which is a Costa Rican coffee that is a dwarf Bourbon mutation discovered near the town of Sarchi.

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