Ethiopia Adado | Natural Process

Ethiopia Adado | Natural Process

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TASTING NOTES: Juicy with a lot of body.  It has a very fruity aroma that translates in the cup as cherry, berry and roasted apple.  The acidity is vibrant and pronounced in the finish.

ROAST: Light
REGION: Adado micro region of Yirg
ALTITUDE:  1800-1900 meters
VARIETAL:  Heirloom Ethiopia      

It’s hard to find a coffee from Ethiopia that we don’t like, and when it’s naturally processed, we tend to love it.  Adado is a micro-region of Yirgacheffe and they have a long history of growing and processing great coffee.  This is a naturally processed coffee which means, in short, that the coffee cherry is allowed to dry on the bean after being picked.  This adds body and a fruitiness to the coffee.  We wanted a fruity coffee, and we found it!

It’s interesting to note that coffee coming from Ethiopia will now have better traceability and more of the money we pay goes to the growers than ever before.  Coffee from Ethiopia used to be bought and sold through a centralized market called the ECX.  Coffees were sometimes generically categorized and coffees that were truly amazing would get lost and blended with the masses.  Many of those rules changed this year and now coffee can be sold direct allowing growers to separate the best coffee and eliminate the middleman.

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