Guatemala Las Cachajinas | Microlot

Guatemala Las Cachajinas | Microlot

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TASTING NOTES: In this coffee we found hints of mango, maple granola, green tea and orange blossom.

ROAST: Light/Medium
REGION: Las Cachajinas
ALTITUDE: 1200 to 1800 meters
VARIETAL: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pache

Guatemala has been growing coffee since the 18th century. Huehuetenango, where this coffee is grown, is one of four main growing regions and is known to have the most complex coffees, and its also where many producers are focusing on quality and microlots.

This coffee is grown on a smaller, quality focused farm by Juan Pablo Simon Velasquez. The farm is located in Colotenango and Velasquez is meticulous about processing. His method of triple washing the coffee before drying it on patios creates a very clean cup.

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