Nicaragua Nueva Segovia | Fair Trade & Organic

Nicaragua Nueva Segovia | Fair Trade & Organic


TASTING NOTES: Low acidity coffee, taken to the darker side of a medium roast.  It has a smooth body, notes of toasted oat, dried apricot and sugarcane.

Roast: Darker medium
Region: Nueva Segovia
Altitude: 1300 meters
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Processing method: Washed

Sandwiched between a few well known Central American coffee producing countries, Nicaragua was historically late to enter the coffee growing scene, but they are certainly quick learners.  One advantage to starting late is that you can learn from your neighbors and Nicaragua has certainly done a great job.

This coffee was grown by a co-op organization (PRODECOOP) comprised of many small farms (of which, almost 30% are women owned).  In addition to its main focus on quality, the co-op uses its proceeds to provide educational materials for children, provided low cost loans for women to start businesses, they provide health screenings and help educate farmers on better farming techniques, both inside and outside the coffee industry.

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