Start with coffee that’s been roasted in the last few weeks. Coffee should never spoil (unless it's exposed to moisture) but it can go stale over time.

Packaged coffees sent to your grocery store stay fresh longer because they are packaged immediately after being roasted, and then get Nitro flushed and sealed.


Manual Brewing

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Proper Storage

We do not recommend storing your coffee in your refrigerator or freezer. A lot of condensation forms there, and moisture is a huge coffee flavor killer. You also run the risk of cross-over flavors (say from that leftover pizza) being absorbed by those porous coffee beans.

We recommend that you buy your beans in small enough quantities so they are used within a week or two, and that you store them in an airtight container. Wash your storage containers often to avoid oil build up that could go rancid and contaminate even the freshest beans!



In order to achieve consistency between cups it's best to weigh your coffee! We have found this ratio to work well for us:

  • 5 grams coffee per 3oz of water, or
  • 1 tablespoon of coffee per 3oz of water

Every different bean has a unique volume and density, darker beans often being a bit larger, making a scale the best way to go for consistency when compared to a scoop.

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The Grind

Not all grinds are the same. A coarse grind is recommended for brewing with a french press or cold brew, while a finer grind will stand up better in a standard drip coffee pot (about the size of granulated sugar). We recommend a grind between drip pot and french press for the refillable K-Cups, leaving it a bit coarser than granulated sugar. For the freshest tasting cup, grind your coffee immediately before brewing.

Pro Tip: Burr grinders offer a much more consistent grind than blade grinders, and are recommended for frequent brewing!


The Water & Cleaning

Most cities treat their water with a lot of chemicals, many of which you can still taste.  If you live outside the grid, you're probably already filtering your water. Either way, make sure you use filtered water to make your coffee.

One of the easiest things you can do to greatly improve quality of your brew is to keep things clean!  Wash what you can with gentle soap after use, and deep clean everything weekly. You will definitely notice a difference.

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