French Press


Step 1.

Weigh about 20g of coffee (3 tablespoons), and grind it coarse. Preheat your press with some hot water off the boil (about 205*, right before it starts to bubble). Dump that water after warming the press.

Step 2.

Add your grounds to the press, and put it on the scale. Tare it out.



Step 3.

You should then completely wet the grounds with hot water, and gently fill it to 375g. This will fill a mug!

Step 4.

Set a timer for 4 minutes, and place the lid gently on the press without disturbing the grounds. After 1 minute, lift the lid and carefully stir. Reset lid.


Step 5.

At the 4 minute timer, slowly press on the lid and pour yourself a mug of coffee!