Hario V60


Step 1.

Fold in the seamed edge of the filter, and make it a cone shape. Set the filter in the V60 cone, and take your water off the boil (ideally about 205*). Thoroughly pre-wet the filter to remove any paper taste from your brew and heat up your carafe or mug. This will create a nice seal between the filter and V60 Dripper.

Step 2.

Grind your coffee fresh if possible, about 3 tablespoons (20g) as fine as table salt. Toss your grounds into the Dripper, and shake it a bit to make the coffee lay flat. Place your set-up on a scale, and zero it out.



Step 3.

Start your timer, and begin your pour with a slow pencil-thin stream in the center of the coffee bed. In a circular motion (avoiding the walls of the Dripper) add just enough water to wet the grounds (about 80-120g). Allow your coffee to bloom (de-gas) until your timer hits 30 seconds.

Step 4.

Add small amounts of water every 10 seconds to keep your water level consistent, without allowing it to completely drain until the end of your brew. Your pouring is over when you reach 370g, which should be around 3 minutes on your timer.



Step 5.

When you are done with your final addition of water, you can pick up your Dripper and hover above the carafe or mug. Gently spin the dripper clockwise so the water may catch the grounds clinging to your filter, and allow them to be extracted with the rest until the end. This should create a perfectly flat bed in the end, just the way your brew began.

Step 6.

Serve yourself an awesome mug of coffee!