Papua New Guinea Chauve | Fair Trade & Organic

Papua New Guinea Chauve | Fair Trade & Organic


TASTING NOTES: Big and sweet cocoa aroma, very low acidity, heavy body with notes of bakers chocolate, and a long finish.

ROAST:  Lighter Dark
REGION: Chauve
ALTITUDE: 1300-1900 meters
VARIETAL: Typican, Arusha, Bourbon, Blue Mountain

The Independent State of Papua New Guinea accounts for approximately 1% of the world’s coffee production.  Coffee is Papua New Guinea’s second largest agricultural export, employing about 2.5 million people.

Production is largely done by small farmers with land holdings that grow as little as 20 trees per plot in “coffee gardens,” and dates back to 1926 when the first Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee seeds were planted there.

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